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    Landlords and tenants at war

    Posted by tenancysolved March 18, 2021 - 0 votes - 1,266 views
    Landlords are losing money; tenants are staying put with nowhere to go. The pandemic has a lot of victims. Not only is the pandemic killing people, but it also destroying lives in other ways. People are losing their jobs and can no longer pay their rent. At the other end, landlords are losing out on rent. Landlords may think that they are the most vulnerable people touched by the pandemic because they are not able to collect their rent and consequently cannot pay their mortgage if the property is on a buy to let scheme as most landlords on the property ladder are. Do you think that the landlord should push hard to evict tenants who are not paying their rent? Or Do you support tenants who through no fault of their own have lost their jobs?
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    Eviction when embargo end

    Posted by tenancysolved August 1, 2020 - 0 votes - 1,614 views
    Hundreds of thousand tenants in rent arrears will face eviction. This will happen when the temporary ban on evictions ends in three weeks'time. Do you think that landlords should race to court to obtain repossession orders or to ask for help from the government who imposed the ban in the first place? We will like to hear from you
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    Landlord jailed

    Posted by tenancy solved July 25, 2018 - 3 votes - 2,128 views
    A landlord has been jailed for two years today after failing to fit smoke alarms inside a rental property where two boys died in a West Yorkshire house fire. To avoid this tragedy, the parents could have installed a smoke alarm for their own safety and protection and charged the landlord? They could have also reported the landlord to the authorities. Should the parents also be reprimanded for negligence? What ever happened the incident could have been prevented. Do you agree?
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    Rent for sex

    Posted by tenancy solved July 25, 2018 - 1 vote - 2,174 views
    Seedy male landlords are offering women free rent in exchange for sex. Some people say the women have a free choice to accept the arrange. Others say that it is a mutual arrangement and if the women say yes to it then they who are also gaining from it. The rest of us may think if it is another form of prostitution, Do you agree?
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    EU tenants, where landlord should stand?

    Posted by tenancy solved July 25, 2018 - 0 votes - 1,956 views
    Are landlords allowed to rent their property to EU nationals – and will Brexit change this? This is the question, we all have to think about sooner than later. How will Brexit affect the housing market and landlords revenue? Do you think the law on renting should change after Brexit? If so how?
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    Would you say yes and trust your landlord?

    Posted by tenancy solved June 13, 2018 - 1 vote - 1,980 views
    How would you react if your landlord proposed that a CCTV camera be installed to protect you and your belongings after you were a victim of a vicious robbery in your flat? The camera would be linked to you mobile phone or any device you want to use. This would allow you to monitor 24/7 what is happening at the property. The down side is that the landlord would also have access to the camera which would include recording of your every move. The landlord has promised not to invade your privacy by looking at the recording without your permission. But can you trust him, knowing that he is a family man and may not have control of what is going on in his house and he may not be able to protect your privacy as he promised? What would you do as you cannot afford the surveillance equipment? Have it installed as you know that is it necessary and vital, or say no as you would rather take your chances and possibly avoid having your privacy violated?