What if my landlord becomes too friendly?

What if my landlord becomes too friendly?

  • I was talking to friend who was having a dilemma with the new flat she had just rented. The problem was that the landlord was a bit too nice to her and her child. She was very thankful that she was getting along with him but was also worried that there may be more to his kindness that he let her know

  • Some landlords have a warm and nice nature. Not all landlords are bad or nasty. But the fact that this tenant is vulnerable, had just separated from her boyfriend and was feeling lonely does not mean that she was looking for another relationship.

  • She needs a peaceful place to live with her child with no interference. Having a pushy or overprotective landlord will be a problem in the long run, if the affection is not reciprocated.

  • If the affection is not replicated then the landlord can be seen as rude, insensitive, and overbearing. In this case the tenant should keep a professional front when dealing with the landlord.

    What may trigger an excessive affection from your landlord?

    • Pay your rent on time. If you pay your rent on time your tenant-landlord relationship will stay untarnished.

    • But if you do not pay your rent on time or are late paying your rent or have arrears on your rental agreement, you will be opening a door to negotiations that may trigger this type of affection. The terms and conditions may move to a more sexual nature. At this point the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement are thrown into chaos and the consequences can be unbearable when one of you do not get his/her satisfaction or his/her end of the bargain.

    • It is in your best interest to keep your tenant-landlord relationship professional. Ask your local council to help financially or intervene if necessary.

    • Get all the benefits you are entitled to for your child and yourself, including a positive assessment that you will be getting housing benefit, how much you will be getting, the period of time it will be paid for and how often you will be getting it. With that in mind, you can approach a landlord.

    What do I do if that happens?

    • Having a nice and considerate landlord is beneficial. Your life is made much easier when you get along with your landlord. The house maintenance problems are sorted out immediately. The landlord will understand that there is a child involved and will do the best to repair damage which will impact your living conditions.

    • But to maintain this landlord and tenant at the professional level, single parents need to show a professional attitude.

    • Do not to encourage any advances from the landlord.

    • Do not to flirt with the landlord to have things done which are part of his/her responsibilities as laid down in the tenancy agreement.