family support.

family support

  • These days finding a place to live when you are a single person is difficult let alone for a single parent.

  • Most parents especially women must give up working for a while to look after their children, which means, less income.

  • If you are struggling, talk to your parents and see if they are willing to help you out until you get yourself sorted with everything else in your life.

  • If you had an unplanned pregnancy, or trying to have your first child, you realise that you are not quite ready financially or mentally. Either way your family can be a huge support.

  • If you are working and decide to return to work after giving birth and your parents are willing to help you, then it should be a blessing for you to have such support as a first choice for your childcare.

  • Anne, a friend of mine said to me that her parents love their grandchild. But she realised that even though her parents were happy to care for her child, she decided to reward them with a weekly allowance towards their expenses, especially their holiday fund.

  • If you are a single parent and finding it difficult to find a living space, or do not have the support of your family, you may need to talk to your local housing department.