Communicating with your tenants


  • A good way to communicate with tenants is by text or email. Text based communication is probably beneficial for two reasons. The first is that as long as the texts are kept they provide a written dated record of any disputes between landlord and tenant and can provide proof of any works promised and completed. The second is that the use of texts is just more convenient in that messages can be sent at any time and without having to worry if either the tenant or landlord is actually at home.
  • It is a good idea to not supply personal phone numbers to tenants but get a second phone take their calls alone. It is also advisable to only answer non-emergency calls during office hours to avoid setting a precedent of the tenant thinking that they can get a response any time of the day.
  • With the communication sorted a note should be kept of key dates and times in the life of the tenancy:
  • A reminder of the monthly rent due date.
  • The expiry date of the annual gas safety certificate (if required).
  • The end date of the fixed -term tenancy.
  • The date two months before the end of the fixed term- tenancy
  • Dates of any inspections of the property that are required.