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A tenant at 50 or over?

  • Living alone in a rental property can be challenging. It has both benefits and downsides. 

    • Living alone when you are over 50 is a different ball game altogether. If you chose to live alone at the age of 50 or over, you must make sure that you will be able to look after yourself and the property you are renting. 
    • Nothing can compare to the tranquillity and peace of mind one can get when living alone and some people chose to live alone. But I doubt that at 50 a person will choose to live alone whatever the circumstances. If you are in this category, then I praise your courage. 
    • At 50 or over, being lonely may not be your choice and if it is not your choice, what triggered it and how are you going to deal with your daily needs, especially if you are renting a property? 
    • Let face it at 50 and over, our bodies are weaker. We may not be as strong as we were in our twenties and like an old car our body needs a constant MOT which could consist of pills, lots of exercise and a healthy diet. 
    • Our main concern is how at this age we can still take care of our environment and the place that we call home? For this we should understand our body, what it tells us, and how often we should play Tarzan or not. I mean, try not to do more than our bodies can handle. 
    • Cleaning a flat or home Is not an easy task, but it is a way to occupy yourself and get busy by stretching your body. It could be a daily exercise regime which we will benefit from and will help us to keep fit. Most elderly chose to garden or go for walk, with or without a dog. If you are not a walker or dog lover, then cleaning can be fun. 
    • Instead of paying a ridiculous sum to go to the gymnasium, or spending endless hour picking up dogs’ poo, give yourself a daily task, clean your flat or house. For example, start with your kitchen. Clean the cupboards using a circular motion to exercise your upper body.
    • Mopping the floor allows you to move back and forward stretching your arms and legs. The best part is making your bed and changing your duvet. You can easily lose a lot of calories doing that. Another exercise for your arms can be ironing. I know you don’t like ironing. But think of your arms moving constantly, keeping the blood flow going up and down.
    • If you are paying rent, your landlord will be impressed with your ability to maintain your accommodation. Being 50 or over should not stop us performing tasks to benefit our own wellbeing.
    by: tenancy solved uploaded August 14, 2018