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Cleaning tips

    • Cleaning your flat, house, bungalow or caravan can be daunting.
    • Below are the most important areas in the house in regard to cleaning. 


    •  The kitchen area is the most difficult and the first area which needs your attention. As a mother it is a daily concern, especially with kids around. 

    Why do we need to clean our kitchen daily?

    •  The answer is because our lives depend on it. Nowadays, a household’s diet is composed of a mix of meat, fish, veg and sea food. Some uncooked foods are more toxic than others. And we have just the kitchen work surface to prepare what we about to cook. No matter how good a cook you are, you will be splashing or dropping something on the floor or touching the fridge or kitchen cupboard handles with your hands whilst you are working. This is a daily reality for anyone trying to cook a well-deserved meal.

    How to be one step ahead of the dirt.

    • Either you chose to do it alone because you know that everything will be done as you want, or you invite the family to join in a fun cleaning day but be prepared to shout, re-arrange and clean up after the others.
    • How many times do you need to clean?  Choose 2 days a week for a deep clean with Sunday and Wednesday being possibly the best days. Sunday being the last day of the week and Wednesday the middle.
    • The day before you clean spray the inside of the oven with a cleaning product and leave it for at least 12 hours.
    • Remove all items from the work surface and cupboards and place them outside the kitchen area.
    • Use gloves to handle any cleaning liquid you use.
    • Mix into a bucket of hot water 1 spoonful of bleach, 2 spoonsful of disinfectant and half a spoonful of washing up liquid.
    • Use this solution with any strong sponge to clean the work areas.
    • Repeat the cleaning until you are satisfied that the area is clean.
    • Use 1 damp white cloth to dry the surface of the cleaned area.
    • Make sure that the place is spotless and free of bacteria.
    • Then with a dry cloth clean everything that was taken out of the kitchen and return them to their original location.
    • Clean the oven using the recommended material for your oven. 

    Clean the microwave.

    • The best solution for both the oven and microwave is to clean them each time after you use them as this will stop any dirt building up.
    • Then move to the fridge.
    • Last the floor.
    by: tenancy solved uploaded July 25, 2018